e-Learning: Reablement

Published: 2013

Reablement is about helping people regain the ability to look after themselves following illness or injury. This is an important element in the Government’s prevention agenda, which is aimed at keeping people as independent as possible for as long as possible. Reablement is different to traditional home care, so when staff are delivering the service they need to think and behave differently.

Use this resource to find out about reablement, how it differs from home care and intermediate care, and why and how the service should be delivered.

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Reablement for managers

If you are involved in planning and commissioning services this module will show you how reablement is developing across England and help you consider why it’s important to offer the service. If you manage or implement care services you can explore different models of reablement, reflect on staff training and ways to measure the success of the service.

Please note: audio commentary is not currently implemented.

Reablement for care workers

If you are new to reablement this module will help you understand what you need to do when delivering reablement as a service. If you are already working in this area, use the module to develop your understanding and skills as you support people.

Understand how reablement differs from traditional home care and intermediate care, and why people value the service. Learn how to carry out a reablement assessment and agree goals and support plans with people. Consider the emotional impact on people using the service. Develop better coping skills for dealing with the emotions that reablement brings out in others and in yourself.

Please note: audio commentary is not currently implemented.