A model of practice and collaboration

Learning record

Date: 18 June 2018


Studied the following SCIE e-learning activity:

A model of practice and collaboration

e-Learning series:Interprofessional and inter-agency collaboration

Learning aims:

This resource will assist you to :

  • reflect on the nature and complexity of social work and social care practice by considering the different people who may be involved
  • think of 'direct work' with people who use care services and their supporters and carers as being at the centre of your practice
  • recognise that 'direct work' does not take place in isolation but is affected by a range of other important relationships and interactions
  • manage the complexity of these multiple relationships by using a 'model' that groups them into 'spheres' of practice and interaction
  • view these spheres as the context or medium in which collaboration is achieved by you and others
  • think about how the model applies to practice

Estimated online study time: 50-60 minutes