Sexual, reproductive and mental health: e-Learning course

Published 2011 | Free to use | Learning Management System compatible

These resources have been developed for you, a busy mental health professional, as an easy-to-use guide to key aspects of sexual and reproductive health in the context of mental illness, with clear sign-posting for those of you who want to take this subject further.

Some people say that sexual health (SH) is as integral to a person’s life and relationships as is mental health (MH).  We know only too well, however, how mental illness, sexual violence and abuse, are often side-lined, not least  because of prejudice, stigma, misunderstanding and fear.

These e-learning resources will help you identify ways in which sexual health matters for the people you work with, as well as assist you to overturn some of the negatives, as you strive to improve their holistic health and well-being.

Free to use for non-commercial and educational purposes.
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Course modules

Sexual health matters – for mental health

Explores sexual health and sexuality, sexual risk, sexual violence, abuse and trauma and making a difference in your practice.

Managing reproductive health

Looks at area of healthy reproductive health including fertility and pregnancy, sexual anatomy, menopause and effective assessment.

Supporting people who experience abuse

Explores what abuse is and why it is often hard to talk about and covers strategies to overcome this.

Safer relationships and safer sex

Explores sexual health and safety planning, identifying people at risk and one to one care.

Fertility and pregnancy planning

Looks at fertility and conception, mental health and pregnancy and managing unwanted pregnancy.

Physical health, mental health and sexuality

This module looks at assessment and how abuse can affect physical health.

Genitourinary health

Explores common complaints, medically unexplained GU problems and helping the people you work with stay healthy.

Unprotected and risky sex

This module looks at the diversity of sexual practices, safe and unsafe sex and sex and the law.

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