Fair access to care services (FACS): prioritising eligibility for care and support

Review - Personalisation and the review process

Councils should be prepared to be flexible about the way in which reviews are carried out. Individuals should be consulted about which way works best for them. Councils might wish to ask service users where they would like to have the review and who else they would want to be involved.

(‘Reviews’, DH, 2010, para 145)

Deidre’s story, part 2 – from joint review with GP, revised package of support

When Deidre’s condition deteriorated, her daughter wanted a review to consider her mother moving to a care home. Deidre wanted to stay at home. To achieve this, the review changed her care plan to four shorter visits a day. Discussion with her GP led to a personal health budget, telehealth, and visits to a local health centre. This coordinated action stabilised the situation.

The section on ‘Reviews’ in DH 2010 Guidance ’Prioritising need’ acknowledges that individual needs are likely to change over time and regular reviews of support plans are required. The review should cover key aspects of the person’s circumstances and the working of the support plan, including changes to outcomes, needs, risks, requirements, finances and coordination arrangements, as well as scope for widening the contributions the individual is making to family/community life. These changes may reflect improvement or deterioration in the individual’s or carer’s physical or mental health, requiring the expertise and advice of health professionals and NHS bodies. If people’s wellbeing is being promoted, their needs and levels of dependency may reduce or change over time, and they may therefore need less help and support.

Staff undertaking reviews must:

The White Paper sees personalisation as being achieved when a person has real choice and control over the care and support they need to achieve their goals, to live a fulfilling life, and to be included and connected with society. The Care Bill identifies the general duty of a local authority to promote the individual’s wellbeing. Health, wellbeing, independence and rights of individuals are at the heart of care and support. The Bill aims to ensure that there are timely and effective interventions to enable people to enjoy a good quality of life for longer.


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