Learning about safeguarding from experience

Guidance for local authority social care staff

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Serious case reviews (to become safeguarding adults reviews and a statutory requirement under the Care Act) offer a way of examining evidence vital to the improvement of safeguarding practice. There is little evidence to date that multi-agency systems are changing as a result of available data, and so there is clearly room to improve by learning from mistakes. [42]

Learning Together

SCIE’s Learning Together initiative presents a ‘systems’ model of organisational learning that can be used across agencies involved in safeguarding. Initially developed in children’s services, the model is proving helpful in adult safeguarding. The approach supports an analysis that goes beyond identifying what happened towards explaining why it happened. This helps the safeguarding network generate new ideas about how to improve safeguarding practice.

Parry [27] highlights the lessons that have arisen from serious case reviews involving housing:

Internal: Housing providers should improve:

External: Housing providers are inhibited in their effectiveness in adult safeguarding due to: