NQSW resource - Outcome statement 4: Assessment

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Assessment: Introduction

Use key information to assess need.

Assessment is about critically analysing information from a range of sources to determine need, eligibility and risk. Ideally, assessments involve a collaborative process, ensuring people participate and take as much control as possible in identifying their own needs. From the social work point of view, all professional judgements should be balanced and substantiated. Moreover, a perspective that sees the 'whole system' and the interconnected nature of the parts is critical to getting a sense of what is going on.

Assessment: Key practice points

The policy emphasis is on detailed, accurate, collaborative assessments. You are expected to demonstrate your skill in engaging with people, their families, carers and advocates, to ensure they have the right information with which to make an informed decision. SCIE's Fair access to care services (FACS) e-learning materials apply the principles of personalisation and are designed to ensure good practice and help you consider all the elements that comprise a good assessment.


We hope you will find this material helpful in your first year as a social worker. However, we recognise that this will not provide you with all the answers. You will need to discuss your practice with your supervisor, raise any ethical dilemmas and be reflective in your work. Use the Portfolio (Word file) document to record your reflection on this outcome statement.