NQSW resource - Outcome statement 2: Communication

In this section:

Communication: Introduction

Use varied communication methods to enable participation.

Good communication is central to professional relationships and therefore at the heart of good practice in social work. Effective communication is essential for supporting people to express their wishes and views on their support and care. In facilitating this process you will be able to agree and work towards positive outcomes, helping to ensure that the individual, their families and carers can exercise as much choice and control over their lives as possible.

Communication: Key practice points

  • How we communicate may change because of age, disability, disadvantage, intellectual impairment or traumatic experiences. SCIE's Communication skills e-learning resources explore the principles of good communication skills and how to apply these to practice.
  • Your interaction should be person-centred. The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities' Communication for person centred planning (PDF) is an information pack designed to assist this process.
  • The aim is to achieve two-way communication which is collaborative and non-judgemental.
  • You will need to show you have understood and listened to communication through your record-keeping, professional judgements, and the interventions you choose as a result.
  • Technology has opened up a wealth of possibility and opportunity to assist individuals in making decisions about their care and how they would like it to be delivered.
  • In line with the ethos of transforming adult services you need to show how you can be creative, innovative and ground-breaking.
  • You also need to show how you have used your local policy and protocols to demonstrate this outcome as well as relevant national policy.


We hope you will find this material helpful in your first year as a social worker. However, we recognise that this will not provide you with all the answers. You will need to discuss your practice with your supervisor, raise any ethical dilemmas and be reflective in your work. Use the Portfolio (Word file) document to record your reflection on this outcome statement.