NQSW resource - Outcome statement 8. Recording and sharing information

Recording and sharing information: Achieving this outcome

Here are some ways of demonstrating that you have achieved this outcome:

Check how far you have met this outcome

Have you:

  1. Used appropriate guidance, legislation and policy to inform your actions and decisions?
  2. Made every effort to seek consent to share information?
  3. Maximised the opportunities for people to participate in how their support will be delivered?
  4. Distinguished between fact and opinion and verified information from others?
  5. Recorded differences of opinion and the process you have undertaken to reach difficult decisions?
  6. Accurately recorded people’s views, conflicts and plans for resolution, in a way that is understandable to everyone involved?
  7. Shared information sensitively and appropriately?
  8. Used supervision to reflect upon your practice and the impact it has had on outcomes?

Use the Portfolio (Word file) document to record your reflection on this outcome statement.