NQSW resource - Outcome statement 9: Service development

Service development: Achieving this outcome

Here are some ways of demonstrating that you have achieved this outcome:

Check how far you have met this outcome

Have you:

  • Used appropriate guidance, legislation and policy to inform your actions and decisions?
  • Maximised the involvement of the person, their family, friends and carers, and used independent advocates where appropriate?
  • Worked with and/or trained with other professionals, as part of the service development and change process?
  • Acknowledged and understood any concerns of the person with whom you are working, and managed any areas of conflict?
  • Identified and taken action to safeguard the well-being of people, while having due regard for their rights to take risks?
  • Critically analysed all the information available and used it to produce an evidence-based view of service development, which improves outcomes for individuals?

Use the Portfolio (Word file) document to record your reflection on this outcome statement.