About the Social Care Partners Forum (SCPF)

Social care is about people – a diverse workforce looking after a predominantly vulnerable population. Employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe workplace, while service users should receive care that is safe, and takes their needs, freedoms and dignity into account.

Managing these different needs can sometimes present unique and complex situations which can, when not effectively managed, result in serious harm to employees or service users.

The Social Care Partners Forum (SCPF) was formed to promote an integrated approach to health and safety with quality of care which is consistent and proportional.

It has a remit that extends to both service users and staff and has representatives from central and local government, regulators, stakeholder bodies and Trades Unions covering England, Scotland and Wales.

The forum aims;

The forum will aim to give well-informed and authoritative answers to questions about what social care providers are expected to do that will satisfy providers, regulators and commissioners of services. A working group has been set up to look at mapping of guidance which is devoted to this challenge.