Findings from six pilot sites report

Published by: Department of Health – July 2017

This report sets out the findings from the six sites which have been part of the Named Social Work programme during the six months from October 2016 to March 2017.

In this report you will find a summary of the impact that has been achieved in piloting a Named Social Worker approach as well as detailed findings from each of the six sites, set in the context of the scope and focus of their pilot; a set of programme level insights, drawn from the sites, about the implications of introducing a Named Social Worker model; and a selection of tools that sites have developed or adapted in order to implement their Named Social Worker model.

The programme also provided insight into how a Named Social Worker model can shift outcomes; by providing permission for social workers to work in new ways; by setting expectations around working more closely with individuals; by opening up visibility across the system for named social workers to engage at different stages of an individual’s journey; and by being an endeavour of the whole team.

The six sites in summary

Each site determined their own approach based on their local context. This resulted in a range of models being tested.



About the Named Social Worker programme and the work of the six sites.

Calderdale wanted to make sure with people with learning difficulties had the same rights as everyone else and helped them to make their own choices.

Camden used their Named Social Workers to support the teams who were working with people with learning disabilities to do a better job.

Hertfordshire's work has been to make sure that the Named Social Worker can find out what things people with learning difficulties are good at, so as to help them decide what they want to do.

Liverpool wanted to improve the way they work with people with learning disabilities so they can offer better support.

Nottingham used the Named Social Worker project to understand why some things they do don’t always work as well as they should, and to learn what they could do to improve.

Sheffield wanted to help people with learning disabilities to see what they were good at to help them lead a life that they enjoy. They wanted people to get the right help at the right time.


Listen a summary of the positive changes the Names Social Worker has made and the lesson learnt from the pilots.