Being heard and getting support

What is the video about?

This film shows how some of the principles of the SCIE NICE guidance are working in practice. These principles include listening to young people and supervising foster carers. The film looks at establishing Children in Care Councils as a means of giving looked after children and young people a voice. A case study highlights how professional supervision for foster carers can make a real impact on the care they offer, and help in ensuring stability with the care placement.

Messages for practice

  1. Children in Care Councils ensure that the voices of looked after children are heard, their concerns dealt with and improvements made.
  2. The Children in Care Councils are a great opportunity for young people to meet other looked after children and young people. It offers members the opportunity to belong to a group with similar concerns, to work together for change and to socialise.
  3. Foster carers are professional staff who require support and supervision to produce the best outcomes for the children they care for.

Who will find this useful?

Practitioners, managers and policy leads in looked after and ‘leaving care’ services; young people; local authority members across the whole council.