Working together to promote independence

What is the video about?

This is a film showing how some of the principles of the SCIE/ NICE guidance on promoting the health and well being of looked after children are working in practice. The film focuses on two schemes for care leavers which are helping to support them in their move to independence. Two young people talk about their needs and fears of moving to independence, whilst their service managers talk about how they have organised a service which meets their requirements.

Messages for practice

  1. Young people need preparation, help and holistic support to make successful transitions from care.
  2. The local authority has a corporate responsibility toward its young people, including supporting them after they have moved to independent living.
  3. Transition services includes practical help e.g. with managing money, looking after themselves and learning to cook, as well as emotional support.
  4. Support with education and/ or an introduction to work schemes underpin successful transition from care to independence.

Who will find this useful?

Practitioners, managers and policy leads in looked after and ‘leaving care’ services; young people; local authority members across the whole council.