Care experienced young people

What is the video about?

This video tells the story of Colin, a care experienced young person who faced a number of challenges during his years in care. Moving around from one care home to another, Colin had problems with violence, vandalism, and maintaining positive contact with his family. Another struggle was having no control over where he was sent. After forming a strong relationship with a couple of key workers who supported him, Colin built his confidence and trust in those around him. Strengthening his relationship with his family, he was able to turn his life around. Despite a difficult transition leaving care, he landed on his feet and joined 'A National Voice', a charity working to improve the care system for young people.

Messages for practice

  1. Young people in care often feel they’re not listened to.
  2. Building confidence and trust are critical in communicating with young people in care.
  3. Organisations that rely on input from care experienced young people are in a better position to understand how to improve services.

Who will find this useful?

Key workers with young people in care; young people in care and care experienced young people and their families; commissioners; social work and social care students; the general public.