Personal budgets: experiences of a disabled person

What is the video about?

Anne, a disabled person, describes the barriers facing disabled people, discusses the issues involved in employing personal assistants and talks about her own work to bring about positive change. As Anne is filmed travelling around London by taxi and bus, she comments on mobility barriers and problems with accessibility. She describes misguided cultural perceptions of disabled people and explains how she works to counter them. Anne believes things are beginning to change for the better for disabled people. Noting a historical lack of participation in services by disabled people, she describes how she led a group to gain control of spending on the services that they require. Anne is playing a key role in bringing about positive change in services for disabled people.

Messages for practice

  1. Understanding accessibility issues from the point of view of disabled people is fundamental to any accessibility planning.
  2. Gaining control of services, including managing money and employees, is critical in improving the independence and quality of life for disabled people.
  3. There are still widespread misconceptions about disabled people and their needs.

Who will find this useful?

Disabled people; their carers and families; social care workers supporting disabled people; social care and social work students; hotel and transport managers; the general public.