Challenging behaviour and learning disabilities: independent living

What is the video about?

People with severe learning disabilities sometimes use behaviour that is said to be challenging, in order to communicate. This film illustrates that, with good support, people with challenging behaviour and severe learning disabilities can be enabled to enjoy independent, fulfilling lives. It explains why some people display challenging behaviour, and it shows how consistent, personalised support can reduce or prevent it. We see how vital it is to support family carers properly, and why people with challenging behaviour should not be excluded from services. The film shows how services and families can work together to improve the lives of people with behaviour that challenges.

Messages for practice

  1. Consistent support from services, and between family carers and services, is vital.
  2. Challenging behaviour may be used by people when they are unable to communicate or when their carers do not understand what they want.
  3. Support should be personalised to the individual.
  4. Family carers need flexible, practical support, from the time their family member is a child.
  5. People with challenging behaviour should not be excluded from services.

Who will find this useful?

Family carers; social care staff; social workers; commissioners of social care; those involved with personal budgets.