Gypsy travellers

What is the video about?

This film introduces Henry Chapman, a gypsy who was a service user of ‘Friends, Families, and Travellers’, a gypsy traveller support group, and is now one of their care workers. Henry works mainly with rural gypsy communities. We follow him as he helps families with land dispute, eviction and health care issues. Henry talks about the problems he faced himself when he was younger and we see how he brings a special empathy and understanding to his work because of his background.

Messages for practice

  1. Gypsy travellers are the largest ethnic minority group in many local authorities.
  2. Gypsy travellers experience high levels of stigma and discrimination.
  3. Gypsy travellers experience barriers to accessing services linked to their nomadic lifestyle and culture. Gypsy traveller specific organisations are best placed to help with this problem.
  4. Social care workers from gypsy traveller backgrounds have an advantage when it comes to gaining the trust of their service users.

Who will find this useful?

Front-line workers who come into contact with gypsy travellers; gypsy travellers; commissioners; social work and social care students; the general public.