Supporting carers: the commissioner

What is the video about?

This film focuses on Tim Anfilogoff, the Commissioner for Adult Services at Hertfordshire County Council.

Hertfordshire has achieved Beacon status for its work with carers, and this film demonstrates how the council is working with carers, and listening to their experiences and feedback to ensure both the carers and the service users receive the best possible service. It features carer Mari Stevenson who talks about her personal experiences of caring for her daughter who is diabetic and has Down’s Syndrome.

Messages for practice

  1. The personalisation agenda means that the needs and experiences of the carer should be listened to, as well as those of the service user.
  2. Homecare should be carefully monitored and evaluated to ensure both the carers and the service user are getting the best service possible.
  3. The biggest challenges for the commissioner are to: identify need effectively, make sure the solution is the right one, and have time to monitor and evaluate it.

Who will find this useful?

Commissioners; carers; social workers; social care and social work students; service users, their carers and families.