Refugees and asylum seekers

What is the video about?

This is the story of Azeldin, a Libyan who came with his family to Britain as an asylum seeker and was eventually granted refugee status. Life was not easy for Azeldin. He spent time in a detention centre and suffered a period of depression. He and his family were given sub-standard housing. Although several organisations tried to help him, it wasn’t until a friend suggested that he should visit the Manchester Refugee Support Network that his life really began to improve. With their support, he was able to access services to get his family on a more solid footing. He now works with the Support Network and helps other refugee families to get established in this country. Describing the challenges of connecting asylum seekers and refugees with services, the video gives us a look at some of the work being done to support and advise members of these communities.

Messages for practice

  1. Asylum seekers and refugees are often unfamiliar with health and social care services in the UK and hesitant to seek help.
  2. Social care in particular is poorly understood by asylum seekers and refugees.
  3. Refugee community groups are very useful gateways for services to access this seldom heard group.

Who will find this useful?

Front-line workers who come into contact with asylum seekers and refugees; asylum seekers and refugees; immigrants in general; commissioners; social work and social care students; the general public.