Safeguarding adults: helping people to protect themselves from crime

What is the video about?

Care staff can help older people to protect against burglary and feel more confident at home. Practical advice such as using door chains, window locks and asking for identification are simple strategies older people can take to reduce the risk of burglary. In this video, older people who were robbed by distraction burglars and rogue traders are interviewed. They explain the shock, fear and deep disappointment such experiences can cause. Interviews with care staff illustrate this issue can be discussed without being patronising or making a person feel unduly concerned.

Additional notes: A roadshow on safety is also shown.

Messages for practice

  1. Be aware that distraction burglars, bogus callers and rogue traders often target older people at home.
  2. Simple practical changes can reduce the risk to older people, helping them to stay safe at home.
  3. Care workers have to strike the balance between raising awareness about the risk of burglary at home and giving confidence to the older person through adopting practical security measures.
  4. Care staff should discuss the issue of burglary with older people and discuss ways to improve security in the home.

Who will find this useful?

Care workers in community settings; trainers of community staff; safety roadshows.