Safeguarding adults: looking out for each other to prevent abuse

What is the video about?

The film shows how good communication with older people can improve safeguarding. In residential care it is important that staff take the time to talk to residents and to listen to their concerns. Two community projects demonstrate how people are encouraged to look out for each other and to report any concerns about the safety of individuals.

The Elders Forum based at the Malcolm X Community Centre in Bristol and the Ivybank House Residential Home in Bath both demonstrate how an open learning environment can encourage older people to speak out if they have seen or experienced abuse.

Messages for practice

  1. Encourage an open learning environment.
  2. Encourage people using the service to talk about their fears and concerns.
  3. Staff should make time to talk and listen.
  4. Encourage people using the service to look out for each other.

Who will find this useful?

Managers and front-line workers providing residential and community care.