Children of prisoners: custody

What is the video about?

The video shows how realistic information and keeping in contact with a parent in custody can alleviate high anxiety about their parent’s safety. It shows the practical and emotional difficulties facing the remaining parent when they visit a prison with their children. It considers the type of support that helps a child manage their distress, especially when imprisonment of a parent can mean stigma, secrets and practical hardship.

Messages for practice

  1. More children are separated from a parent by imprisonment than by divorce.
  2. Children will feel less anxious if they have realistic information about their parent’s experience of prison.
  3. Children, and parents, benefit from visiting whilst in custody.
  4. Arranging and making prison visits as a family is hard work, emotionally, financially and practically.

Who will find this useful?

Probation officers, children’s trusts, prison staff, parents, teachers.