Home care: commissioning for older people with complex needs

What is the video about?

This film highlights the challenges of commissioning home care for older people. It shows examples of providing good-quality, person- centred home care for older people with complex needs. St Monica Trust's approach to high-quality, person-centred home care is built on the recruitment of the right staff and support, training and partnership working.

Messages for practice

  1. Contracts between commissioners and home care providers can determine the quality of home care for older people with complex needs.
  2. Commissioners should  work collaboratively with home care providers and people who use services to  achieve quality home care.
  3. Employers who value their staff and offer training and staff development will help staff to give dignified person-centred home care.
  4. Person-centred, flexible home care, provided by a small number of carers, are key components of a quality home care service for older people with complex needs.

Who will find this useful?

Commissioners of home care for older people, commissioners of health care, care providers, carers, people who use services.