Quality in social care: achieving excellence in care homes for older people

What is the video about?

Focusing on meaningful  activity in a care home for older people, some of them with dementia, this film explores how excellence can be achieved in residential settings.  A panel of people using services and social care academics consider the quality of care and  support offered in the home, and discusses those aspects that demonstrate excellence.  The panel discusses how standards of care across the sector can be raised so that all older people can experience the quality of care demonstrated in this care home.

Messages for practice

  1. Achieving excellence in care homes means making sure people have choice and control over their lives, that they have good relationships with families, friends and staff, and that they are able to spend their time purposefully and enjoyably.
  2. High quality care depends on creative, empathetic staff who can improve the quality of people's experience by understanding and being responsive  to the things that are important to them.
  3. Staff need to get to know each person they work with as an individual with a history and their own values, beliefs, likes and dislikes.  This enables them to offer  high quality care and support that is personalised to match people’s needs and interests.
  4. Being flexible enough to meet people’s needs at any time, day and night, is very important in excellent residential care.
  5. Involving people and their families in the work of the care home can help engage residents and create a  better quality and more responsive service.

Who will find this useful?

People working in or managing care homes; commissioners of care in residential settings; people who live in care homes, their friends and families.