Have we got co-production news for you: episode one (subtitled)

What is the video about?

Have we got co-production news for you is a quiz show that looks at co-production and how it works.  It is a general and fun introduction to co-production.

Messages for practice

1.  Allow time and financial resources when you start co-production.

2.  Work to develop full and equal partnership with people who use services from the very start of the process.

3.  Consider ways to handover power from professional to people who use services.

4.  Everyone working in an organisation and at every level needs to commit to co-production.

5.  Think about the different approaches that may be needed to work with a different group of  people.

Who will find this useful?

Commissioners, Directors, Care providers, Employers, Social Workers, Managers, Disabled People and User Led Organisations, People who use Services, Carers, Educators, workforce leads, everyone interested in social care.