End of life and palliative care: thinking about the words we use

What is the video about?

The film uses animation and vox pops to make the case for practitioners to communicate how much they care about the person who is dying; as well as being clear about what they’re doing to help and support the person and their friends and relatives. Practitioners need to ask themselves whether the words they are using convey this compassion, and also check with those they are caring for, that the information they are providing is clear as well as compassionate. .

Messages for practice

  1. When speaking to a person who is dying or their relatives, understand the impact of the terms used 
  2. Where possible, try to explain things in plain English, rather than automatically using potentially unfamiliar terms like ‘palliative’ and ‘end of life’ care’
  3. Regardless of the terms used, always check what the person has understood from the conversation
  4. Always speak in a kind and caring way to the person who is dying as well as to their relatives and friends.

Who will find this useful?

Care staff, social workers, care managers, carers, community nurses and nursing staff.