Partnership working in child protection

What is the video about?

More children are being referred to social care services. At a national level, the number now equates to around 4,000 per local authority. Reviews of serious cases often highlight failures in inter-agency working between hospitals and local authority child protection teams.

This short film introduces the key issues and developments in child protection, including the  findings from a joint SCIE and Child Policy Research Unit (CPRU) report on joint working between hospitals and local authorities. 

Messages for practice

1. The rising trends in referrals of children to social services places significant pressures on resources.

2. The Munro Review is a major influence on both policy and practice and has recommendations to support effective practices in relation to child maltreatment.

3. A multi-agency approach to early intervention and prevention is important: developing effective, honest and open working practices can help overcome barriers.

4. SCIE's new report 'Partnership working in child protection' includes examples of successful practice and a framework for joint working.

Who will find this useful?

Directors of Children's Services in local authorities; social workers in local authorities and hospitals; hospital doctors and nurses; midwives; child health leads in hospitals.