Partnership working in child protection: Scunthorpe case study

What is the video about?

More children are being referred to social services.  Reviews of serious cases often highlight failures in inter-agency working between hospitals and local authorities. 

Hospital, council and police staff in Scunthorpe explain how they are working together to identify potential cases of maltreatment and to protect children.

Messages for practice

1. Integrated working across different local agencies can make safeguarding referrals and processes more effective.

2. Ensuring everyone is clear about systems and processes can help to make sure that partnerships work effectively.

3. Having a quality assurance (QA) system in place ensures a continuous improvement of the safeguarding process.

4. Learning together is important - organisations need to listen to families and children, and continually develop their services.

Who will find this useful?

Directors of children's services in local authorities; social workers in local authorities and hospitals; hospital doctors and nurses; midwives; child health leads in hospitals.