Social work education case study: Anglia Ruskin University

What is the video about?

Service users, carers and academics describe participation in the social work degree at Anglia Ruskin University. It looks at the different ways that users and carers are involved in the course, the importance of the university providing appropriate training and support, the benefits students get from contact with users and carers and what users and carers gain from the experience.

Messages for practice

1. There is increasing evidence that user and carer participation in social work education results in better services, better outcomes and better experiences of social care.

2. There are other ways for users and carers to participate in social work education, such as becoming members of staff at universities, mentoring students and writing.

3. There need to be stronger partnerships with universities and greater empowerment of users and carers and their organisations.

4. There is a need for a strategic organisation to ensure there is good participation across all social work courses.

5. Other professions including medicine and nursing should al learn from this approach.

Who will find this useful?

social work educators, social work students, service users and carers,