Social work education case study: Bucks New University

What is the video about?

Service users, carers and academics describe participation in the social work degree at Bucks New University. It looks at the different ways that users and carers are involved in the course, the importance of the university providing appropriate training and support, the benefits students get from contact with users and carers and what users and carers gain from the experience.

Messages for practice

1. Participation by service users and carers brings a range of benefits to students on social work degrees including greater understanding and empathy and improved communication skills.

2. Service users and carers value the experience of taking part in social work education.

3. Users and carers contribute to the degree in various ways including teaching, role-playing activities, marking students’ work and the selection process for students applying to on the course.

4. It is important for universities to provide training and other support.

5. Participation needs to be adequately resourced.

Who will find this useful?

Social worker educators, students on social work courses, people working more broadly in co-production/participation and service users and carers.