Social work education participation: user and carer participation in social work

What is the video about?

This film details the requirements on universities teaching the social work degree to involve service user and carers in their courses. It also sets out the benefits that result from students working with service users and carers, with users and carers describing how this leads to improved practice and how students explaining the value of learning about the realities of people’s lives.

Messages for practice

1. Users and carers should be at the heart of social work education

2. Interaction with service users and carers gives students a better understanding of the people they will be working with as social workers.

3. Service users and carers see involvement in social work education leading to newly qualified social workers being able to provide better support.

4. Social work students see working with service users and carers as improving the quality of their education.

Who will find this useful?

Social worker educators, students on social work courses, people working more broadly in co-production/participation and service users and carers.