Social work education participation: what's happening in four universities?

What is the video about?

This video describes the ways in which service users and carers participate in social work degree courses at four universities. It looks at the benefits user and carer involvement brings to the courses and how they gain from the experience of participation.

Messages for practice

1. Participation by service users and carers is important to staff and students in social work education.

2. Users and carers can be involved in a range of activities including interviewing students, teaching, role play exercises, marking and assessments, setting exam papers, invigilating exams and as members of committees dealing with administration of courses.

3. Students can benefit from placements in user and carer organisations.Participation in social work courses by users and carers gives students a stronger understanding of the people they will be working with and helps to create a more equal relationship between users and carers and social workers

Users and carers gain fulfilment from being part of the process of educating new social workers.

Who will find this useful?

Social worker educators, social work students, people working more broadly in co-production/participation and service users and carers.