What does integrated working mean to you?

What is the video about?

Health and social care often work together with a shared purpose, to improve the lives of people who use services, and their carers. The film looks at five areas of integration: Research, policy, organisational issues, the effect on staff, service users and carers. Integrated working looks to provide person-centred coordinated care. As Damon Palmer from the Department of Health says in the film: “It's the person, the patient, the carer and their family as the organising principle for why it is that we've all joined the health and social care system.”

Messages for practice

Integration is about coming together to provide a better, more cohesive service for the people that you're there to serve.
Integrated working is about working with a group of different colleagues with different skills, and making sure that you don't overlap with what they do but you enhance each other's work.
Integration is important because it has the promise at least of the best contributions of the different professions and the different agencies.

Who will find this useful?

Anyone who works in the caring professions, from nurses to care home managers, from local authority commissioners to occupational therapists.