Child neglect: e-learning and workshop outlines

Multi-agency training and support for practitioners who come into contact with cases of child neglect

Neglect can seriously harm children and young people's wellbeing and development. SCIE provides multi-agency training and support for the many organisations and practitioners who come into contact with cases of child neglect.

Learning resource outline

We provide:

Organisations can choose to purchase the e-learning course on its own, but you will benefit more from the combined offer as the workshop brings together practitioners from across all of the agencies involved in child neglect cases.

The systems approach to child neglect

Building on our Learning Together approach to children’s safeguarding, the new e-learning and workshop are underpinned by the idea that working effectively to address neglect depends not just on individual practitioner’s skills and knowledge, but also the context they are working in; for example the processes and relationships within and between multiple organisations. This is called a systems approach.

e-Learning course

Delegates can complete this e-learning course online. If you wish to purchase the combined e-learning and workshop, delegates must complete the e-learning course prior to the workshop.

The e-learning course has four modules:

The e-learning course aims to:


The one-day, multi-agency workshop includes:

The workshop helps delegates to:

Who is it for?

The e-learning and workshop is relevant to:

The workshop is particularly relevant to a range of professionals in roles that are key to the early identification of neglect. The training will help them to think about this in their own organisational context and also to understand how to most effectively raise their concerns.

How the course was developed

The Department for Education supported the development of this course which has been piloted in Essex, Brighton & Hove and Doncaster.

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e-Learning course

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