Safeguarding reviews, audits, SCRs and SARs training

Safeguarding case reviews and audits offer an opportunity to learn and improve. Our training courses help those involved in audits and reviews – including case reviewers, safeguarding boards and children’s services to understand the ‘system’s approach’ to review and audit.

If you work with children, young people or ‘vulnerable’ adults, you have a legal duty to ensure that they are protected from harm.

Local safeguarding children’s boards (LSCBs), safeguarding adults boards (SABs) and their equivalents outside of England, are responsible for improving the quality of safeguarding practice in their areas.

SCIE’s training and consultancy services can help safeguarding boards, care providers, commissioners and safeguarding reviewers to carry out reviews and audits of safeguarding cases and practice.

SCIE provides a range of safeguarding review and audit courses, such as those outlined below. Click on the title to view a sample of the course programme, where available. Courses can be adapted to suit your needs. See also our courses on safeguarding practice.

Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs) under the Care Act

Training for reviewers, chairs and members of safeguarding adults boards (SABs).

Models of Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs)

An overview of the new requirements for SARs, the available models for reviews, and the key differences between them.

SCIE’s Learning Together Model for Safeguarding Adults Reviews

An overview of Learning Together’s systems approach to safeguarding reviews and how it can be implemented.

Safeguarding reviews and audits

Taking a systems-approach to case reviews and general safeguarding audits in both children’s and adults’ services, using SCIE’s Learning Together model.