About the Social Care Innovation Network

The Department of Health and Social Care is funding SCIE, Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and Shared Lives Plus to develop the Innovation Network to help local areas take innovative approaches to social care which work.

The Innovation Network will bring together:

The Network will support them and local authority commissioners, local partners, care providers and others to test new ideas and share learning and support with others.

The network will explore the barriers and solutions that will help scale innovative, person-centred, and community-based models of care so that many more people can benefit from them … Over the coming months, we will develop and share useful information, and bring more innovators into the network. So watch this space. If we can get this right the prize, of smoother integration, is huge.

SCIE chair, Paul Burstow scie chair paul berstow

You can read Paul’s full article in the HSJ on what the network is trying to achieve.

The purpose of the Network

The Network builds on Social Care Future, a platform bringing people together to bring about major positive change in social care. It's hoped that a self-supporting movement will be built, committed to bringing the best care and support to more people by developing practical solutions to scaling innovations. The Network will

Initial members

The Network will initially comprise a small group of innovative providers and commissioners, identifying for instance, what learning or resources could be shared across social innovations which are all facing similar scaling challenges.

The Network will be expanded, to include others committed to growing innovation.

All of the learning and materials generated will be openly available.

Register an interest

Interested stakeholders will gain previews of the most up to date practice in social care. Registering an interest will open up the opportunity to be involved in later phases of the network, encouraging further growth.

To register an interest please please update your existing MySCIE account, or create a new free MySCIE account, and select Innovation as a Topic of interest. By doing this you give SCIE and TLAP permission to contact you about this work.

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