Innovations in community-centred support directory

What it is and who it’s for?

Explore Think Local Act Personal’s directory of innovative models of community-centred support. Commissioners can use it to find out about new and innovative approaches to care and support for adults. Providers and people with lived experience will also find it helpful to see what’s going on locally and nationally.

Why have a directory of innovations?

There are some great examples of person and community approaches that are making a big difference and having a positive impact on people’s lives. The directory will be helpful in highlighting these different approaches to care and support that many organisations are delivering, many of which act in isolation from the wider health and social care sector.  

Why commissioners have a big role to play?

Commissioners have a big role to play in supporting investment in innovations and, consequentially to help shift these community- centred models from the margins of care and support delivery to mainstream practice. TLAP’s Innovations in community-centred support is intended to support and inspire commissioning practice that focusses on new asset-based, person-centred models in the community.

What counts as an innovation for inclusion in the directory?

It is not TLAP’s role to inspect or scrutinise models of innovation. However there are some basic criteria sufficient to support inclusion on the online resource and to qualify approaches as ‘innovative’.

Criteria for inclusion in online resource:

It will be assumed that in submitting your innovation, your organisation agrees with and meets the criteria above.

Download the Innovations in care and support form and email it to to be included in this directory.

An updated version of the Innovations in community-centred support directory will be published on the TLAP website in May 2019. Sign up to the TLAP e-news to find out when it will go live.