Good Practice Example 03 - Introducing ICT into a residential setting


Hardwick House is a residential Home situated in the south east of England. Prior to receiving a Get Connected grant the home’s only use of ICT was one word processing desktop computer in the manager’s office, with no internet access.

Furthermore, residents of Hardwick House had no access to this desktop computer. Without this access to ICT, communication to family and friends, some of whom live in Australia, South Africa and America, was very difficult.

Staff were also unable to use the desktop computer for learning and training.

Using a computer with the aid of a special trackaball device, and help from a carer




Although the project has not long been completed the positive impact is already clear to see. Residents can now use the equipment granted by Get Connected to contact family and friends from all over the world.

Residents have also set up email addresses and have even used Google earth to see places where they used to live.


Staff can now access the internet from the home to assist with learning, training and accessing research material.

Training providers can now use the communal room computer in their staff training sessions. With the home already encouraging staff to achieve NVQ's, the computers with internet access will enhance their learning potential.

The wireless connection within Hardwick House also means that friends and family visiting residents can access the internet when visiting.

The computers have also been used for activity mornings and not to mention, just having fun!

The care home manager at Hardwick House has this to say about their project. “It is the most amazing feeling to help someone talk to and see relatives from all around the world. Some residents were slightly hesitant about the cost of calls but once it was explained that it was free, they have been very keen to catch up and most importantly see people they haven’t seen for years”.

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