Health and safety audit

Protecting the health, safety and welfare of people at work is a fundamental legal requirement. It complements an employer's duty of care towards people who use services. In social care, particular issues such as lone working, work-related violence and stress need to be addressed if the workplace is to be a safe environment and one that protects the needs of people who use services. This evaluation aims to help you assess and improve your health and safety practice.

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Health and Safety at Work etc Act, 1974

1. The basis of health and safety law is the Health and Safety at Work etc Act (1974), which sets out an employer's general responsibilities towards employees and members of the public, as well as an employee's responsibilities for themselves and each other.

Do all your employees (including volunteers) and service users understand their responsibilities under the Act? *

Staffing levels

2. Care standards may require your organisation to ensure minimum staffing levels at all times (except NI).

Are you aware of minimum staffing levels required by legislation? *


3. An employer should provide staff and volunteers with comprehensive education and training in relevant aspects of health and safety legislation and consult them about related issues. This is a requirement both of the National Minimum Standards and of the Induction Framework.

Do you do the following? Tick all that apply.


Risk Assessment

4. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 (NI 2000) require employers to carry out risk assessments and to record significant findings.

Do you carry out risk assessments where required? *