Administration and records audit

Keeping up-to-date personnel records is essential to ensure that staff are paid properly and that employment is managed effectively. Good records are also crucial for producing accurate workforce statistics, which provide a baseline for workforce planning. But personal details are sensitive, so you should have a policy on maintaining confidentiality. This evaluation aims to help you assess and improve your record keeping and administration.

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1. Do you have a comprehensive system of personnel record keeping? *

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    Keeping records

    Personnel records are kept both on computers and on paper. Such records include information on recruitment, diversity, qualifications, reasons for leaving and leaver destinations, as well as detailed contractual information such as hours and pay. The Care Council for Wales publishes a downloadable Workforce information template which provides guidance on the information you need. In England, Skills for Care is developing a National Minimum Data Set, which will do the same job.

    There are also a large number of human-resources software systems on the market, most of which can be customised to meet the needs of specific organisations and sectors. Their cost varies enormously according to brand and level of sophistication, but they can be affordable even for smaller rganisations. You can save money by joining up with other organisations to buy a system for multiple users.

Working time

2. Do you keep individual records of time worked? *

3. What other staff information do you keep as a matter of routine? Tick all that apply.


4. Do records identify time off for the following reasons? Tick all that apply.