Selection and interviewing audit

Selecting the best person for a job is particularly important for organisations providing services to vulnerable people. A poor appointment can put service users at risk. The interview is key. All kinds of subjective opinions and impressions can come into play during an interview and it is important to ensure that this does not unfairly disadvantage some people or favour others. Candidates have the right not to be unfairly discriminated against, and you must have guidelines in place to prevent this. This evaluation aims to help you assess and improve your selection and interviewing practices.

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1. When selecting people for jobs, it is important that all involved are aware of legislation on unfair discrimination and data protection.

Have all staff involved in recruitment had training on fair selection methods and data-protection issues? *

2. Are the following in place? Tick all that apply.


Job descriptions and person specifications

3. Two factors that lead to the successful recruitment and selection of staff (and good performance management generally) are a thorough understanding of the job to be carried out and clear criteria for measuring performance. The job description (sometimes called the job 'specification' or job 'profile') describes the purpose of a job and how it is to be carried out, and the person (or personnel) specification sets out the criteria for assessing the characteristics or competencies a candidate needs to do the job successfully.

Do you have a set of job descriptions and person specifications for all roles within the organisation? *

4. When developing job descriptions, do you consider the following? Tick all that apply.


5. When developing person specifications, do you consider the following? Tick all that apply.