Workforce development audit

Workforce development is concerned with learning and the development of new roles, skills and competences within the workforce (both paid and unpaid). It helps the organisation to adapt to major changes within the health and social care sector. Workforce development is concerned with both individual staff training and the development of teams and the organisation as a whole, as a way of improving services.

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Legal requirements

1. The Care Standards Act 2000 and associated regulations set out minimum qualification standards and training requirements which vary between service areas.

Are you aware of the minimum legal requirements for qualifications and training for your organisation? *

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    The Care Standards Act 2000 and its associated regulations set out minimum requirements for qualifications and training for certain job roles. A minimum percentage of the workforce on duty at any one time must be qualified. In addition, the General Social Care Council and Care Council for Wales include training requirements in their Codes of Practice which apply to all registered organisations. Both the National Minimum Standards (which emanate from the Care Standards Act 2000) and the National Occupational Standards (which must be met in order to obtain and retain registration) require proof of training that is undertaken and planned. Organisations need to demonstrate that their staff meet the qualifications and training requirements of the National Minimum Standards. Failure to provide appropriate documentation could affect registration. For example, Personal Development Plans are specifically required by the National Minimum Standards for most sectors of the social care market.

2. Which of the following have you taken steps to address? Tick all that apply.


3. Which of the following has your organisation developed and/or implemented? Tick all that apply.


Workforce development plans

4. Workforce development plans help to prioritise and schedule training to ensure standards are met and services are developed in line with the organisation's business plans. For some services there is a requirement to have such plans in place.

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Training plans

5. Which contributions inform your training plans? Tick all that apply.