Performance management audit

A key part of a manager's role is to manage performance and help staff to improve. This involves planning workload, setting targets, developing individuals and teams, giving support, providing feedback, evaluating achievement and celebrating success. Where there are perceptions of poor performance, the manager needs to be able to identify the issues correctly in order to be able to take action to improve the situation. This evaluation aims to help you assess and improve your performance management.

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Policy requirements

1. Effective performance management means making sure that all individuals, including those working without direct supervision or perhaps in the homes of people who use services, understand clearly what is required of them.

Do you regularly agree realistic, achievable and high-quality performance plans and targets for staff, and monitor whether or not these are being achieved? *

2. Do you do the following? Tick all that apply.


Inspection framework

3. Statutory regulations are in place for a range of different social care activities and these form part of the inspection framework. National Minimum Standards have been issued by the Department of Health which will govern how services are provided and codes of practice have been issued for social care workers and employers.

Do you take account of the National Minimum Standards (NMS), National Occupational Standards and General Social Care Council / Care Council for Wales / Northern Ireland Social Care Council Codes of Practice when managing performance? *

4. Have you done the following? Tick all that apply.