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Preview of Induction audit

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Who receives induction training?

1. In order to ensure a good standard of care, new starters must receive a minimum amount of training to ensure the job is done properly. For certain service areas, this is now a requirement of National Minimum Standards.

* Does your organisation give specific induction training to all new starters and volunteers, and to existing staff who change jobs?

2. If you provide specific induction training, which of the following areas are covered?

Statutory requirements

3. Induction training is specified in a number of legal and guidance frameworks, including, for certain service areas, the National Minimum Standards, while other laws imply the need for such training in this sector.

Which of the following have you checked for guidance?


4. Induction training is most effective when properly planned. The Care Council for Wales offers a structured tool and Manager's Guide to plan and implement induction which may be helpful.

* Is time spent planning induction training in your organisation?

5. If you use induction plans, which of the following are covered? Tick all that apply.

Methods and trainers

6. Successful induction training doesn't just depend on the subject matter but also the way training is presented.

* Do you consider what methods and trainers are suitable?

7. It can be beneficial for different people to be involved in induction. Which of the following groups take part in your induction programmes? Tick all that apply.


8. Inductions should be assessed to ensure that they are appropriate and successful. Various methods can be used. For example, an induction checklist can not only ensure consistency of induction training, but also provide documentary evidence that each trainee agrees that such training has been received. This is particularly important for mandatory areas such as health and safety training.

* Do you monitor induction?

9. Which of the following methods are used to monitor and assess induction?