SCIE - People Management

Preview of Administration and records audit

All the questions in this audit are shown on this one page. There are 7 questions in total. In the real survey these are spread over 2 pages. You can print this page by selecting file and then print from your toolbar above this page.


* 1. Do you have a comprehensive system of personnel record keeping?

Working time

* 2. Do you keep individual records of time worked?

3. What other staff information do you keep as a matter of routine? Tick all that apply.

4. Do records identify time off for the following reasons? Tick all that apply.

Monitoring and reporting systems

5. Does your organisation do the following to monitor and administer human resources? Tick all that apply.

Data protection

6. Personnel records are considered to be 'personal data' under the Data Protection Act.

Does your organisation do the following? Tick all that apply.

Information about pay

7. Which of the following aspects of pay information do you keep in individual staff records? Tick all that apply.