SCIE - People Management

Preview of Selection and interviewing audit

All the questions in this audit are shown on this one page. There are 16 questions in total. In the real survey these are spread over 3 pages. You can print this page by selecting file and then print from your toolbar above this page.


1. When selecting people for jobs, it is important that all involved are aware of legislation on unfair discrimination and data protection.

* Have all staff involved in recruitment had training on fair selection methods and data-protection issues?

2. Are the following in place? Tick all that apply.

Job descriptions and person specifications

3. Two factors that lead to the successful recruitment and selection of staff (and good performance management generally) are a thorough understanding of the job to be carried out and clear criteria for measuring performance. The job description (sometimes called the job 'specification' or job 'profile') describes the purpose of a job and how it is to be carried out, and the person (or personnel) specification sets out the criteria for assessing the characteristics or competencies a candidate needs to do the job successfully.

* Do you have a set of job descriptions and person specifications for all roles within the organisation?

4. When developing job descriptions, do you consider the following? Tick all that apply.

5. When developing person specifications, do you consider the following? Tick all that apply.

Qualifications and standards

6. Most workers in social care are now expected to have a professional qualification or be working towards one. In most cases candidates with related but unrecognised qualifications will need to be accredited.

* Do you routinely ask for evidence of qualifications as part of the selection process?

Involvement of people who use services, carers and staff

* 7. Do you involve people who use services, carers and staff in the selection process?

8. Do you carry out the following? Tick all that apply.

Checking applicant details, references and clearances

* 9. Do you require all candidates to sign a document confirming that the information supplied is true and confirming that if information is subsequently found to be false then dismissal may result?

10. Do you check the following for all candidates? Tick all that apply.

Effective interviewing and testing

11. The interview is often used as the main selection tool, but it can be unreliable if staff are not trained in effective interviewing techniques. Interviews are frequently conducted by a panel, to avoid bias, but can also be conducted one to one.

* Have all individuals involved had training on effective interviewing?

12. When interviewing, do you do the following? Tick all that apply.

* 13. Are tests devised that relate directly to the job?

14. After selection, do you do the following? Tick all that apply.

Probation and trial periods

15. Some employers have trial or probation periods during which either party can terminate the contract if they are not satisfied.

* Do you have a trial or probation period ?

16. If yes, do you do the following? Tick all that apply.