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Preview of Workforce development audit

All the questions in this audit are shown on this one page. There are 16 questions in total. In the real survey these are spread over 3 pages. You can print this page by selecting file and then print from your toolbar above this page.

Legal requirements

1. The Care Standards Act 2000 and associated regulations set out minimum qualification standards and training requirements which vary between service areas.

* Are you aware of the minimum legal requirements for qualifications and training for your organisation?

2. Which of the following have you taken steps to address? Tick all that apply.

3. Which of the following has your organisation developed and/or implemented? Tick all that apply.

Workforce development plans

4. Workforce development plans help to prioritise and schedule training to ensure standards are met and services are developed in line with the organisation's business plans. For some services there is a requirement to have such plans in place.

* Do you have a training or workforce development plan?

Training plans

5. Which contributions inform your training plans? Tick all that apply.


6. The qualification requirements vary across the social care workforce, and within each sector, and have changed considerably over the last few years. Specific qualifications are required for different workers in any social care organisation. The latest requirements should be checked (with Skills for Care, Education Department for England or the Care Council for Wales / Northern Ireland Social Care Council) as even thought staff may hold qualifications, some may need retraining to meet the current requirements.

* Are you fully aware of which qualifications are currently valid in your sector?

7. Qualifications such as National Vocational Standards are based on the National Occupational Standards developed specifically for the social care market.

Which documents do you make available to workers in order to underpin your organisation's training?

Access to training

8. A properly qualified staff group should ensure a high level of service provision, but best practice suggests aiming above the minimum standards and offering training to everyone that interacts with service users.

Who do you offer training to?

New roles, new skills

* 9. Have you developed outlines of the new roles and new skills which are going to be needed in order to deliver services within the future?

10. In doing this, which of the following have you taken into consideration?

Training and development methods

11. There are many different types of training available, and some may suit particular people better than others.

* Do your training plans take account of different training options?

12. Which kinds of training and development are used by your organisation?


13. Training needs to be budgeted appropriately to ensure adequate training takes place.

Which of the following have been taken into account when planning the training budget?

14. There are a number of funding sources for training and ways of making resources go further. Which of the following have you investigated or contacted?

Social inclusion and career development

15. Workforce development promotes social inclusion by increasing aspirations and enabling workers to develop skills which improve their productivity and employability.

* Does your approach to workforce development encourage staff to develop their skills and career development?

16. Concerning social inclusion, which of the following do you do?