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Preview of Ending employment audit

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Monitoring reasons for leaving

1. Organisations that monitor numbers of leavers (turnover) and ask those leavers their reasons for going are likely to receive valuable feedback. Exit interviews should be complementary to staff surveys, which should identify the positive reasons for staying with the organisation.

* Does your organisation monitor leavers?

Cover for vacancies

2. Legal requirements for the social care sector stipulate minimum levels of cover. If a staff member resigns, you may need to arrange temporary cover until a replacement can be found.

* Do you have a procedure for doing this?


3. An employer is not legally required to provide a reference for an ex-employee, but should you choose to do so, the reference should be drawn up as soon as the employee leaves, and while she or he remains fresh in your memory.

* Does this happen in your organisation?

Employer Termination

4. If employers wish to terminate an employment contract, by law there must be a fair reason and they must follow a fair procedure. So a decision to end a contract should be taken as a last resort, following expert advice, and be properly sanctioned by the employer. Given the potential for unfair dismissal claims and the costs involved, it is important that such decisions are made by senior managers who are fully aware of the implications of their actions.

* Are systems in place to ensure that a decision to dismiss an employee is taken following expert advice, and with the explicit authority of the employer?

* 5. Does your organisation follow the specified procedure?

6. If a member of staff registered with the General Social Care Council or the Care Council for Wales or the Northern Ireland Social Care Council is dismissed for misconduct, he or she must be reported to the relevant Council.

* Does this happen in your organisation?


7. Fixed-term contracts are often offered 'subject to funding'. But if funding is discontinued, it is illegal for an employer to terminate such a contract without first considering whether there are alternative funding or employment possibilities that can be explored.

* Does this happen in your organisation?

8. If an employer needs to make a large number of employees redundant in a short period, the law requires that you consult with the workforce about the nature and impact of the redundancies.

* Does this happen in your organisation?

9. Age discrimination legislation requires employers to ensure that criteria for selection for redundancy do not directly or indirectly disadvantage workers according to age.

* Have you reviewed your redundancy policy to ensure it is in line with the legislation?