Social Work Practice pilot sites

Social Work Practice Pioneer Projects

As part of the wider Social Work Practice (SWP) pilots project, 10 SWP pioneers, separate from the pilots, were supported as a way of encouraging innovation in adult social work practice for adults. The pioneers were supported by seed funding, shared learning and through publication of their progress.

Activ8 – Birmingham

Social work to develop capacity, skills and confidence in user led organisations. Peer social learning networks.

Find out more - see the Activ8 Social Work Practice Pioneer Project (SWPPP) evaluation.

Carers’ resource – Skipton

Support planning, capacity building and information giving to those who fall outside statutory services provision either by choice or through circumstance.

Find out more - see the Carers’ Resource Independent Support Planning (CRISP) - Report on progress.

Central Bedfordshire Council

Additional or substitute Social Work Practice responses to safeguarding circumstances including network meetings.

Find out more - see the Safeguarding Adults, Central Bedfordshire Council - Final evaluation report.

Clarifi – Ipswich

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

Find out more - see the Clarifi: Providers of specialist support for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse: Individual, group and family work - Final report.

Counter Human Trafficking Bureau - London

Victims of human trafficking - linked to council safeguarding functions, including those who don't initially present as ‘vulnerable’.

Find out more - see the Victim identification and protection Social Work Practice Pioneer Project final evaluation.

Royal Borough of Greenwich

Restorative and family group conference responses to safeguarding situations.

Find out more - see the Pilot Family Group Conferences and restorative approaches to protect adults at risk
Evaluation report

Ibk and Lives Unlimited - York

User/family led organisations will employ Social Work Practice. Work with people in their 20s or 30s. Evaluation by Centre for Welfare Reform

Find out more - see the Evaluation report for Lives Unlimited and ibk initiatives.

Independent Social Work Partnership – Cheshire

Free face-to-face and online information and advice for people who don't meet council criteria or who fund their own care.

Find out more - see the Independent Social Work Partnership (ISWP) report.

Medway Council

Focus on delivering better settled accommodation for 40 people with MH needs.

Find out more - see the Medway Council Final report.

Safe and Settled – Walsall

Information, advice and advocacy, assessment and support planning - especially for people funding own care.

Find out more - see the Social Work Practice Pioneer Project (SWPPP) final report.