Evaluation round-up

Publication of the pilot evaluations

What Works in Children’s Social Care Centre (WWCSC) are delighted to announce that we have published findings from our pilot evaluations of two of the SFPC programmes.

This pilot evaluation seeks to understand how Family Safeguarding has been delivered and the facilitators and barriers which affect delivery in a new area, as well as acceptability of the model, mechanisms of change and potential benefits.

Discover how the findings from the Pilot Evaluation of Family Valued in Darlington can help other local authorities during their implementation of the approach.

Stepped Wedge trial

WWCSC are utilising a Stepped Wedge, Randomised Design approach to evaluating the impact of the three models being implemented in the SFPC Programme. The animation below provides more information on what this means for the evaluation process and the local authorities involved!

Strengthening Families, Protecting Children (WWCSC)